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Indonesia Culinary Institute

The Indonesia Culinary Institute was born through our commitment in developing and introducing the vast and wonderful world of Indonesian cuisine to the public. We understand how the complexity of Indonesian cuisine could be intimidating to those who have not had a taste in creating them, therefore we believe that through ICI, we will able to break that barrier and engage with the students in a meaningful yet fun and enjoyable experience in understanding the Indonesian cuisine.

Indonesia Coffee Institute

 During recent times, coffee has evolved from being consumed merely as a stimulant to being appreciated as an exquisite beverage due to its vast range of tasting notes. As our proud nation sits as the fourth largest coffee producer in the world, we feel obligated to contribute to the development of this industry, thus the Indonesia Coffee Institute was founded. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipments and knowledgable instructors, we believe that ICI will help people better understand the art of coffee, from growing, processing, roasting, brewing to tasting.

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