Seafoodking products are sourced from the deep sea and processed using world standard techniques resulting in the tasty and healthy products Seafoodking is known for.

Surimi Seafood
White Fish Ball
Fried Fish Ball
Salmon Ball
Lobster Ball
Crab Ball
Shrimp Ball
Squid Ball
Mushroom Ball
Fried Vegetable Fish Ball
Thai Vegetable Fish Ball
Curry Fish Ball
Imitation Scallop
Kamaboko Seafood
Cheese Seafood Tofu
Cuttlefish Roll
Fish & Soy Seaweed
Fish Bar
Fish Bean Curd Roll
Fried Crab Cake
Fried Fish Cake
Fried Seafood Tofu
King Crab Chunk
Long Crab Roll
Long Fish Cake
Otak-otak Holland
Otak-otak Hongkong
Otak-otak Jepang
Otak-otak Singapura
Octopus Tofu
Sandwich Tofu
Scallop Fish Cake
Seafood Tofu Skin
Spicy Fish Cake
Squid Roll
Thai Fish Cake
Unbreaded Crab Claw
Vegetable Fish Cake
Crab Stick
Crab Stick
Premium Crab Stick
Super Premium
Crab Stick
Thai Crab Stick
Japanese Premium
Crab Stick
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