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From Breakfast to Event to Supper

(ENG) About Fitrafood

PT. Fitrafood International was founded in 1995 as an importer and distributor of frozen seafood with a diverse portfolio which include both value added and fresh seafood products.

Our products are sourced from the deep sea, caught using sustainable fishery method and the best techniques resulting in super premium quality products that are HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and Halal compliant, with SeafoodKing, Siepack, Chef Fitra, and Fitra as our brands.

Currently, Fitrafood has grown to be a business solution for hotels, restaurants, caterings and retails by providing menu ideas from breakfast to event to supper and from appetizer to dessert. Fitrafood's products are also trusted ingredients used in world-class conferences, including those attended by head of states as testimony of the super-premium quality of our products. This achievement supports Fitrafood's mission of providing tasty and healthy food for the prosperity of Indonesian families.​

(IDN) Tentang Fitrafood

PT. Fitrafood International didirikan pada 1995 sebagai importir dan distributor makanan laut beku dengan beragam nilai tambah dan produk seafood segar.

Produk seafood kami berasal dari hasil tangkapan ikan laut dalam, dengan teknik pengolahan berkelanjutan standar dunia untuk menghasilkan produk super-premium sesuai ketentuan HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) dan Halal dengan brand SeafoodKing, Siepack, Chef Fitra dan Fitra.

Saat ini, Fitrafood telah berkembang menjadi solusi bisnis untuk industri perhotelan, restoran, katering dan ritel, degan kreasi menu dari sarapan, hingga sajian makan malam, dari menu pembuka hingga makanan penutup.

Kelengkapan produk Fitrafood telah dipercaya sebagai bahan menu makanan dalam konvensi tingkat tinggi di Indonesia, sebagai bukti produk super-premium Fitrafood dikonsumsi kepala negara dunia. Prestasi teresbut sejalan dengan misi Fitrafood dalam memberikan kepuasaan nikmat sehat, untuk kesejahteraan keluarga Indonesia.

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